Friday, April 10, 2009

WSBK 2009 - Valencia Highlights and ActionVideo


The wet track was a great start to the season for the Malaysian contingent. SuperSports 600cc and Underbone 115cc categories saw Malaysian riders emerging fastest in the Qualifying 1 at Sepang Circuit ( SIC ).
Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman grabbed provisional pole in his home ground round by completing the fastest lap to a time of 1:09.054s. He said that maybe many rider not do their best due to semu dry track . But that does not make him any less happier for being the best rider as this is a record for him .Tomorrow will be another challenge as all the riders will go all out to better his time. He must also make sure he will try his best to maintain provisional pole.

Second fastest rider was from the Land of Smiles. Decha Kraisart, off to a commendable start nodded enthusiastically in answer to the question of whether he was happy with his performance.Teammate from PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Thailand, Chalermpol Polamai says apart from the rain, his machine was also a hindrance. Despite being third fastest (1:09.560s) , his frustration was clearly evident. “I was encountering front fork problems, and I find that the engine and sprocket do not fit my riding style. I’ve voiced this to my mechanics and we are working on it right now,” says Chalermpol who aims to find his place within 1:07 second tomorrow.

Another Malaysian PETRONAS rider, Md Zamri Baba who lapped in fourth fastest (1:10.006s) in lap 23 is hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Ho Chi Fung of China ZhongShen Racing was fifth fastest (1:10.872s) says that he should not be satisfied with his results today. “Obviously, I cannot rest on my laurels as a lot of the riders were hesitant due to the weather. Come tomorrow, the results might be totally different,” says the 33-year-old who wants to start from front row grid.

Veteran rider, Ahmad Zamani Baharudin of Kawasaki AFY Racing pinpoints Turn 1, 2 and 3 as wet is satisfied with his time of 1:11.036s, behind Ho. “I was actually in the lead but I came in after 14 laps while the others who went on managed to overtake me. Changes need to be done to the mapping and Engine Control Unit (ECU) and I think it’s possible for me to clock 1:07s tomorrow,” ends Zamani.

Zamani’s younger brother, Ahmad Fuad Baharudin who rides for PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Malaysia took a fall in lap 6 Turn 1 and was rendered out of the session due to tank leakage. “I’m praying so hard that it won’t rain tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck with this qualifying time and that is indeed bad news,” ends 30-year-old Fuad.

Krishnan Rajini of Red Rooster Racing was seventh fastest but his teammate, Preetham Dev Moses did not qualify for today’s session. Singaporean, Kok Chun Kiat just made the cut by coming in 1:15.106s to qualify for the finals.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yamaha and Petronas extend collaboration into MotoGP

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd has signed a three-year agreement with PETRONAS that will see the Malaysian national oil and gas corporation become an important new Official Sponsor and Premium Partner of the Fiat Yamaha Team.

Under the new partnership, the Fiat Yamaha Team will carry the PETRONAS branding on the team's liveries, including on the bikes of riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo as well as team equipment and material.

The two parties are also partners in sporting collaborations in motorcycle championships in the Asia Pacific region for over eight years.

The partnership will lead to the future extension of the existing business relationship in Malaysia into the South-East Asian region for the development and production of Yamalube engine oil for Yamaha OEM vehicles.

For PETRONAS, the latest collaboration with Yamaha will enable it to continue building the position of its international lubricants business through a strategic partnership with another globally successful manufacturer and brand.

'This is a very exciting development for Yamaha and for the sport of MotoGP,' commented Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing. Yamaha and PETRONAS already have a successful business relationship away from racing, and this new, long-term, business partnership will see the ties between the two multi-national companies strengthened further. It is especially good to see a global company of PETRONAS stature making the decision to enter into our sport at this difficult time and we look forward to working hand in hand with them to develop a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

The new livery of the Fiat Yamaha Team riders and bikes with PETRONAS branding will be seen for the first time on Friday April 10th as the riders begin free practice for the 1st GP event - the night race in Qatar on Sunday April 12th.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Overtaking On The Road Tips & Tricks

Bike and road cannot be separated. Human own the bike and its also related about life . Many bikers follow the traffic rules and many also dont do that. However, think about our life. Its not like spare parts so can replace when it broke. Its priceless.

  • Before overtake any vehicles, rider must can see clearly road in front of them. Also need to make sure the vehicle in front know that you are following them at back.
  • Then while overtaking the vehicles, dont too near to vehicle. Make a safe gap between you and that vehicles to make sure if they make any unexpected things like moving theie vehicle to the center of the road .
  • Dont overtake at double line .
  • Stay focus at with your ride.
  • Your bike speed and its ability.
  • The speed of vehicles that you want to overtake.
  • Speed of incoming vehicles / traffic.
  • Maybe incoming vehicles/traffic with high speed but unable to see it yet. So beware .
  • The distance to overtake and go back to side lane.
  • Do not too hurry back to the side lane. Do it nice and relax.
  • Check / see your side mirror a second before overtake and before you want to back at side lane.
  • Dont make the vehicles that you want to overtake or incoming vehicles changing their direction or speed.
  • Stay relax and feel your ride.

Aprilia RSV4 Promotional Video

Aprilia RSV4 with promotional video. This bike give good result in WSBK 2009 with first attemp of Aprilia in WSBK.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helmet / Head Protection Againt Bikers.

Helmet is most important things for bikers. Its protect head from serious injury whether inside or outside injury. By the way, head is like CPU for human. When it condemmed, will also make human to be not like normal.

So many helmet at market. But user or buyer need to know they are many types of helmet. Use for what you need. Safety and life is much priceless than money. Watch out for non certificate helmet. It can be the silent killer for bikers. Bikers will trust at their helmet to save thier head and life. But some helmet, can easily crack even with some crashing or slow crash. Always buy helmet that have universal approcal or certification .For example SNELL and DOT. This certification allow this helmet use on racing that facing with high impact crash. This helmet can safe yourself properly and maximum protection againts high impact also absorb the impact itself.

Make a good desicion. Know your helmet before buy it. Remember that pretty design not help to safe you from injury but the helmet specification or content itself. If you get safety+pretty design+ good price = It will be good. Dont forget that size also important. If you buy too large helmet, it will be disaster too. When biker hit more than 170kmh, you will not comfort with helmet. But, if you get the most fit helmet for your head, its superb nice and good. Even high speed, you still can have your comfort with helmet.