Friday, April 18, 2014

World Superbike 2014 Aragon Spain Race

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Learning Racing Line. Tips and Tricks.

Riding any type of bike , we cannot run away from cornering. Like it or not, we need to face it. Some people enjoy the corner and some afraid of getting down or crash but less people become phobia with after crash.

So we share this knowledge for everyone. Learn and make your biking diary such a good day everyday. 

This tips and tricks can be use on the road or track. Slow or fast, depend on you guys.

 On first graphic we can see clearly how it works on the road or track. Even that graphic use a car as subject, basicly it same in how to enter and exit the corner fast and safe.

 Avoid enter corner in close inside early. The basic way is keep outside lane and at the same time see where your exit point. It take a time to make you suit this technique but it really help alot. When you enter corner make sure this :

- early outside off apex
-enter inside apex
- while between outside or left side of lane and apex, keep your  eyes on exit.
- take wide exit to let your bike more throttle.

The image from show it more technically . Dont forget to use proper riding gear.

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